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Actualy, I dont think a lot of the elivators that go just up/down will be a problem; Once twinsun is standing on them, its effectively just an animation isnt it?
No need for any true z-scripting there, just a "elivator goes into the ground" animation, which would cut to the next scene.
So "true" z controll ver scripting isnt needed there really.

Originally Posted by david38 View Post
the problem is not collision detection, but path finding (AI), platform mechanism, scene description, and actually game scripting in general.
Pathfinding shouldnt be a problem, just ignore z untill it comes time to draw the sprite then work it out the same way as the player.

So the scripting deals purely in 2D, but as a last step the game engine checks for vertical alignment.

The only issue I see would be if there is a ncp on a different level to twinsen, then you might get false positives as to collisions etc, as it only checks in 2D.

oh, and saving the game would need to save the current z-axis too, else you might magicaly pop ontop of objects you were under.

But cant we simply avoid those case's ?
There isnt many bridges in LBA, we can simply not have enemys in those locations.

Of course at the end of the day this is your engine, and you should do what feels best (and keeps you interested!) but if possible its best to build as much flexibility into the engine at an early stage as you can
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