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I don't think ine LBA enemies had path finding like that. They could only shoot at your direction if you where low enough. Imho they should only scan for you you not higher then their own height, and if you're not on ground level just shoot at you.

What I want is for Twinsen and npc's to be able to walk on floors that are on top of each other(like in the citadel) and for Twinsen to be able to climb moving platforms (again, like in the citadel) and like one npc to be able to use them. However, the npc's won't move on the elevator, they will walk onto it and "freeze" won't scan for anything, won't do pathfnding - will just loop in the standing animation, and will unfreeze when the elevator touches ground.

Imho all of that sounds feasible. Just so that there are floors on top of each other and those simple elevators.
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