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Well, thats obviously completely sprite based, so its not quite equivalent.
(I'm always impressed what the Tony Hawk games pulled of on the GBA, incidentally;
About as far as you can get from LBA gameplay wise, but the engines doing similiar stuff in terms of gourand polygons on iso-sprite backgrounds).

As for physics, well, we need basic collisions, and magic-ball physics.
I dont think we need more then that?

Basic collisions is just a question of looking ahead at where a charecter would move, and if it hits something imovable, then dont move the player at all, and if it hits something movable, move the player and the object the same amount.
(while doing a similiar test on the object being moved, you can be recursive here with your testing if you want block-pushing-block ability...but that isnt really essential, imho).

Meanwhile for magic-ball stuff, its basicaly
s=ut+(1/2)at^2 isnt it?
Where s is the height displacement, a is acceleration down due to gravity,t is time (/frames into the chuck), and u is the speed/starting speed. (note; this is vertical speed).

When s = the ground (ie, ball hits the ground), you simply flip the u value (u=-u) and take away a pecentage from it. If I remember my maths, this will give you a realistic bouncing ball motion

This, of course, only gives you the z location of the magic ball.
The x/y will have to be worked out with billard-ball type physics, angle of incidence = angle of reflection, more or less.
I think this could be just aproximates though. Just have head on collisions and 45 degree ones. LBA didnt have true ball physics from what I remember.
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