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Um, I'd like for a read-only license.txt file to be attached to everything I made...
As trustworthy as I am, I don't want to be finding my stuff all over the place, with someone else taking the credit for it.

Originally Posted by License.txt
Model/scene/file that this license is attached to has been made by Jan Vetulani (aka Jasiek), further named as the author, who can be contacted at [email address] or [email address].
By using the file you agree to the following terms:
#1: To be used freely for non-commercial use ONLY, and only in Little Big Adventure - related projects.
#2: The File has to be used as it is, not to be changed, remade, or it's parts reused without the authors direct permission.
#3: Each time it is used the author has to be, under any condition, properly mentioned, and due credit has to be given.
#4: You are not to take credit, under any condition, for the file yourself.
#5: The file has to be distributed with the original license.txt file intact.

Almost done with the map, didn't have time to finish the shore line lately...
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