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Originally Posted by Streg View Post
Those studies talk about an intensive long term use of mobile phones, everyday for 10 years. I don't think the whole world population does that.

Seriously, if many scientists assert that a risk might exist (majority), some state that it does exist (google Lennart Hardell for exemple), and other affirm that there is no risk at all - Even researchers don't have any solid point, how can you be so sure of yourself? I'm expressing my doubt, and just in case, I'm taking some precautions. What I know is that radiation are dangerous, and if I can avoid getting some with basically no effort, why shouldn't I?
The point is, we don't know that for sure. Radiation is an ugly word for most people because we associate it with nuclear radiation, mutations, nuclear power plants and so on, but there's a huuuuuuuge difference between non-ionizing radiation (the one produced by antennas, radios, cellphones, wifi...) and ionizing radiation (which are produced by radioactive decay) because non-ionizing radiation don't have sufficient energy to break DNA helixes, all it can do is heat up matter (like microwave ovens do) while ionizing radiation definitely does.

The main debate is whether or not the heat can indirectly damage organs other than the ones naturally sensitive to heat (such as testicles and eyes, which is why it's wise to keep your cellphone distant from your manly bits :P)
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