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Otringal: Astroport



You are at the astroport of Otringal.
Unknown (Baldino, probably):

They say the Esmers left for our planet to kidnap Twinsun's children! They say nothing can be done, but I still have hope. I'm sure you will succeed in reaching the astroport to steal a shuttle and go save those children!!!
Astroport Tower Technician (or guard, might want to check on this):

I'm sorry sir you may not enter here. It is restricted to the astroport personnel.

Connected to the Lower City of Otringal, the astroport sends and recieves esmer shuttles from all over the galaxy. Here, one may board a ship to discover the rare insects of Zirla on a fly safari. Red Planet is also offered as a destination as well. Just two of the many locations available to the avid traveller. A thorough customs check ensures citizen and alien safety alike.


Twinsen visited the astroport several times while on Otringal to gain passage back to Twinsun. During his first visit, he was thought to be a wizard and was brought as a guest. Joe, the elf, identified Twinsen and they both wound up in the nearby prison. Subsequent times later, the authorities attempted to stop him. Twinsen was able to steal an itinerary token from the tower and therefore was able to operate an Esmer shuttle with moderate success.


Twinsen caused a little mayhem while in the control tower. Upon pulling a control level, he interrupted the landing procedure of a shuttle, forcing it back into the atmosphere.


Lower City
Itinerary Token



Thanks morshem, I just got kinda bored today so I decided to write some articles for ET.
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