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Otringal: Middle City



You are in downtown Otringal.

The middle city of Otringal, also called downtown Otringal, is the island's center for the common man. A gift shop sporting items from our planet, Twinsun, recently opened as shuttles came back bringing pieces of our world with them. Additionally, there is a stage where the prophecies of their god, Dark Monk, can be heard. Opposite the stage is a gazogem station which recieves shipments of the fuel from the Island of the Francos pretty regularly. Also, there is the Casino of the Gloums which upholds a stuff entry fee but plenty of fun. Behind the casino is a pathway leading down to the harbour of Otringal. Finally, on the northern and southern ends of downtown Otringal are the lift buildings which will take you up or down a level as you please.


Twinsen used the middle city as a primary source of information for his many exploits on Zeelich. Here, he learned about the false prophecies that Dr. Funfrock, disguised as Dark Monk, was making. Additionally, Twinsen was able to contact several leaders of the dissident faction in the middle city. After Twinsen's presence on Zeelich was discovered by the Emperor and Dr. Funfrock, security was gradually heightened in downtown Otringal.


Twinsunian souvenir shop


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"I can't believe it! There are two of 'em in this cell! Open the doors! I'm gonna put the funny one in his own cell." - Security guard on Otringal
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