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Colonel Kroptman

May I also write articles? Here's one already, Colonel Kroptman.

I'm unsure about one thing: I called the one that helps you reach the fort at the Okojo pass "rabbibunny commando". In the article about Grap by morshem it says that the one helping you is Grap. However, when you leave Rebellion Island Grap is still in the trench while the commando who is going to help you talks to you.


Size: Small
Race: Sphero
Gender: Male
Age: Adult


Colonel Kroptman:

Quick, get me out of here!
Hey quetch, hell of a job. If you'd like to carry on down the corridor and, try to open the hatch at the end of the hall.
Rebel leader:

You must be Twinsen. Like you, we have rebelled against that madman FunFrock - and you saw what's left of the city. We don't believe that the Northern hemisphere has become uninhabitable like the propaganda says it has. There may even be some survivors living there who refused to be deported. This is why we have decided to take the road leading to the Okojo pass by force. It leads to the Northern hemisphere. Unfortunately, our leader, Colonel Kroptman, was captured during the attack. We believe that he is still being held in the small fort that guards the pass. Help us free him by raiding the fort. You will be able to get to the Northern hemisphere if you do so. Go back to the hangar, there is a commando waiting for you in the boat.
Rebel military in the Hamalayi mountains:

I'm with the rebels who are fighting against FunFrock. We are currently trying to cross the Hamalayi mountains. Our leader, Colonel Kroptman, has been taken prisoner. Welcome aboard if you are joining the fight! Go see my friends on Rebellion island. They will let you dock only if you're displaying the proper emblem: a pirate flag with a skull.
You're a real hero, Twinsen ! Well uh ... I mean, thanks for freeing Colonel Kroptman.
Rabbibunny commando:

I’ll cover you. Go free the Colonel.

Kroptman was a firm sphero who rebelled against FunFrock during his reign. He became the colonel of the rebels on Rebellion Island. Kroptman was captured during their assault on the Okojo pass, which would lead them to the Northern hemisphere of Twinsun. After Kroptman was freed by Twinsen he escaped together with the rabbibunny commando that had guided Twinsen to the fort. They both disappeared.


Kroptman and the rabbibunny commando might have been killed during their escape. This was not confirmed by any of the other rebels.


When Twinsen got to Rebellion Island he was given the task to free the Colonel. A commando helped Twinsen to get into the fort which guarded the pass and where Kroptman was being held. Freeing the Colonel eventually enabled Twinsen to reach the Northern Hemisphere himself.


After Colonel Kroptman was rescued by Twinsen he disappeared and was never seen again anywhere on Twinsun.


Okojo pass
Rebellion island


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