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Some interesting things I've found

So I've been hex editing, decompiling, and otherwise mucking about in the games main executable for multiple reasons. One thing I found that I don't really see posted anywhere, is two cheats in the list and one that always seems to be miss spelled.

The first cheat, is simply "FULL", and I have no idea what it's doing, if anything, but what it seems like it's SUPPOSED to do, is give you everything. It might be disabled in the final game, if it is, I haven't found the switch to turn it on yet, but it will print the message "found everything!" in game.

The second cheat is "SPEED" and curiously this one does work, and it shows the frame rate the game is running at and clearly states that this is it's intended job.

The third cheat, the one that always seems misspelled, is "PINGUIN", which everyone seems to spell correctly as "Penguin". It gives you a full stock nitro-mecha Penguins, actually I think more than full as if I recall right, the usual cut off is at 9, this gives you 11.

As to why I'm mucking about in the games code, well if anyone bothers to ask I'll explain, but other than that, if I find anything else that's interesting I will let you guys know.
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