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A new version have now been released, see changelog below for further details. Note that this has not been extensively tested but should probably, maybe, work well. As for the new strat of skipping blue card no complete run has been recorded with this yet. Serializer/DocPaisley have however recorded the following stream which shows the new hidden meca and strats:

Download version 1.1 by clicking the link or see attachment to this post below.

1.1 (2015-09-13):
  • Made sure all saves have two clover boxes.
  • Made sure first save (Fisherman's Boat) have two clovers to reflect state of a new game on Citadel. If you yourself use up these clovers on Citadel Island then this save in particular will not entirely reflect your state at that point.
  • Made sure all saves reflect chapter 6 as the current chapter after having done Temple of BĂș up until the end.
  • Removed blue card from all saves to reflect the blue card meca-skips, used in the outpost before Clear Water Lake and at Principal Fortress.
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