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Christmas Update

Rincevent is on holiday but he asked me to announce this special Christmas Release for you.

So here it is: LBANet v0.755 - Christmas Event:

Here's how to join the Party!

You should now all be ported to the Christmas-Event when you connect.
If you accidently ported out or you have just registered you can (re-)enter the Christmas-Event either through sendel's well or by selecting "Party place" in your teleport-box.

The Christmas update features:

-The Citadel-Island-Party-Scene has been modified for the ultimate Christmas-event!

-There are all new Items including e.g. Christmas-Canes, Champagne and Lebkuchen

-All the NPCs at the Event-place have got different dialogs that make sense(!)

-Santa Clause ! (and other special Christmas-NPCs)

-Tech-Release: The LBANet-Homepage has finally been ported to the Sefrengo-CMS. New features are coming

So, we wish you a merry merry christmas and hope you have fun with our little Christmas Gift.