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Originally Posted by Reek View Post
Over the years I probably talked more shit about this place than any one else here. Some of you will probably remember how many times I said this place sucks and the people are all crazy, but the truth is that probably no one is sadder about how this place is dead now than I am.

For some reason few things back from my teen years make me as nostalgic as this place does when I think back on them. There was something really exciting about getting to know people from all over the world, not to mention the huge amount of laughs and wacky experiences I got from this place. It doesn't happen often that I wish I were a kid again, but for some reason thinking of this place really has that effect, even though it's just an internet forum.

It's weird, but there you have it. The saddest thing is, most of the members who come to mind when I talk about those times don't come here anymore. But I just felt like saying this for some reason.

I can relate to this feeling.

It's quite a slow death, and things lasted much longer than I ever though they would, whenever we said it was dead suddenly there was a new wave of members who would get things exciting again. But now, even that, seems to have come to an end.

I've spent more than a decade in this place, talking to strangers, sharing my creations, and vice-versa.

It definitely means a lot to me.

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