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Originally Posted by Darkflame
Normally upgrades can help spam and such, but I don't think people look at the version get turned off joining.
Teenagers (which have always been the primary target audience of this forum) tend to judge everything by looks and if something looks to old, they tend to not give it a try. I am a moderator of another forum (BetaArchive), and a lot of the younger members there tend to complain that the forum looks too old. And that forum hasn't changed its looks for about as much as the MBN. So unfortunately, and much to the grief of forum Administrators, it happens.

The rule system is designed to keep things civil, nothing more or less.
The rule system per se is fine. However, its enforcement is a bit beh. For example, the rules thread say that putting certain things in your signature is against the rules and should be reported to a moderator, but when I did just that regarding A_LIPSTICK's signature, Jesse refused to do anything unless I asked her first to remove the stuff herself.
Granted, I no longer care now, she can keep that thing there forever if she wants, however if ever new members were to register, we *WOULD* have some people whining probably worse than I ever did (believe me, I had it happen on my IRC net that people would whine about the slightest rule not to their liking) about things like that.

Originally Posted by SpaceGuitarist
Personally this makes me feel very cozy and comfortable when coming to the MBN. Please don't change. I like 2000's look.
Then don't complain that new members don't come. If we want new members to come then it's time we the older members sacrifice some of the nostalgia in order to accomodate them. Things unfortunately have to change from time to time.
Heck, for example, I would personally love it if the Windows UI were still that of Windows 95, but I've accepted the changes that have come.
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