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I think if people are put of by old looks they are unlikely to be LBA fans to start with :P
However, its enforcement is a bit beh. For example, the rules thread say that putting certain things in your signature is against the rules and should be reported to a moderator, but when I did just that regarding A_LIPSTICK's signature, Jesse refused to do anything unless I asked her first to remove the stuff herself.
To be honest, yeah, Jesse should have had words with her himself about the sig. (would still just have been just a few words mind, sig pics are hardly a big offense).
But then again, She was a fairly new member. If anything that was overly catering too new members.

Heck, for example, I would personally love it if the Windows UI were still that of Windows 95
bah, it peaked at Windows2K
Windows10 UI isn't that bad though. Seems geared towards productivity rather then "omg lets make things "easier" !!!!!"
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