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He certainly wont do AitD, but I wouldnt be that supprised to see another Servival Horror game from him at some point.

He did invent the genra, after all

Yes, how I'm glad he was mentioned! "Out of This World" is a fucking gemstone in the video game history.
Yup, theres a freeware GBA port as well
(that is, a freeware GBA rom file for emulators, or those with the means to play homebrew)

I think sometimes we forget just how unpopular LBA is (despite it selling so much more than more popular games like Psychonauts).
More popular then you think.

While sketching away on the online-ds chat room, two people in the last week have recognised when I draw Twinsen

(both were no english, but I recognised the "LBA!!!!" scribbled on the screen )

Alone in the Dark is, in total, a more successfull game series (4 titles?).
But how well did the sequals sale?
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