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I confirm the fact that Fred is not interested in doing any sequel to AiTD. However, he mentionned explicitely in 2 of the interviews I had with him that he would definitely enjoy making a survival horror again. He seems to have lots of ideas in that area as well...

About Eric Chahi, it is also rumoured that he might be coming back to games development.

I met Paul Cuisset in december 2005 and this guy has an impressive track record : Eric Chahi worked with him on "les voyageurs du temps" (time travellers) on Amiga, Atari ST and PC (not sure). He is now working for Micro-Application, and Raynal wouldn't mind working with him (this part was cut from the interview released in SANQUA 17, however it was there to begin with). Micro-Application is now specialised in graphical adventure games. 2 of them are supposed to be released this month by the way...

The french scene is very active at the moment - the newcomers such as Arkane Studios (Dark messiah of Might & Magic) and Nadeo (trackmania) EUgen Systems (Act of war) are getting increasingly popular at the international level.
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