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Well Kasia, since you're definitely going there, you're now entitled (if you wish) our Official MBN Representative, in charge of making a GOOD recording of it to post in YouTube later for those of us who are less fortunate and cannot go to France.

And hey, now that I think of it, we are a big and respected community linked to some influential people involved in the event... maybe it'd be possible to get you some kind of "Press Pass" that'd allow you to have a better view of the show!

Who knows...

Originally Posted by Kasia View Post
+ Heral
Ooh now I realize the awesome implications of this name.
I hope Héral includes "Hyllian suite" and "Home sweet home" in his set; if he does... woah, that'd be absolute magic - eargasmic - sublime!



Polaris: "And what is a guitar doing in the middle of an asteroïd anyway?"
sgk: Think of it this way: it's like a message in a bottle. In our world, we put a message inside a bottle to protect it while it travels through the oceans to reach some other island. In other worlds, they put a message inside an asteroid to protect it while it travels through space to reach some other planet. In this case it is a gift, a guitar, rather than just a message.

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