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A movie only take 90 minutes of your time. A tv show... that's an investment. I also enjoyed Lost, but like David Mitchel once put it: we humans don't and can't live in the moment. You can think you enjoy something, and later it turns out retroactively you didn't enjoy it.

In Lost's case there was much added value - it was groundbreaking television, it changed so much of our perception and so much of the shows that came after were influence by its genius. Didn't make the betrayal any less hurtful though... well maybe slightly.

In The Leftovers this wasn't the case. There was a lot of wtf-is-going-on weird randomness and basically zero story, with the constant implied promise of "Trust me, hold on, there's a reason I'm showing you this. It's all part of the story."

Well it turns out it isn't all part of the story, and it turns out there was never any story at all. It was all just a big bluff. And to make things worse, the last episode was all about laughing at the audience's faces at how stupid they are for following the show this far. He actually enjoyed being as annoying as possible and with no apologies.

He made a point to only show us things that are not related to anything and that we didn't care about. At the very last minute of the episode when they finally remembered to unwrap (and in fact make any reference at all to) the big mystery of the show, they made a point to not actually show it to us and instead focus on one character's face 30 years later as she spits it out in a few short sentences. Fuck you, Damon Lindelof.

I'm 100% sure most viewers of this show will tell me that it was all planned, that it was part of the idea, that I just didn't get it and that I'm being shallow. I say no. You all just wasted your time. Admit defeat. People tend to be biased against turning against something they invested in.

btw I'm only blaming Damon Lindelof who wrote the main story arc (more like an anti-story anti-arc) because the other people involved actors/directors/etc. did their job pretty well.
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