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14-Oct-2017 21:00 Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency 02x01 TBA
Dark Matter - canceled
KillJoys - Renewed

Rather the other way around.
Stuff ended:

The Defenders -
Netflex got the rights to 4 marvel characters, made a series of each (about 50% success imho), then did this crossover series.
Its pretty good. Better pacing then most its parent shows, and the characters work better in contrast. It maintains the fairly serious tone, but adds a little more humour.
Sadly the endingly climax is a bit rushed, especially as theres a loooong wind-down after.

Orphan Back - Last season felt less messy, and the ending worked well enough. Also had a long wind-down, but worked better as there was more small bits to wrap up.
Still, right till the end its the sub-urban housewife clones story that is the most fun.

New stuff:

The Tick (live action) -
Weird. Take a Adam-west style superhero, but put them in a more realistic world (ie. people die). Add a side-kick thats not even sure if the hero is real, and a few interesting plothocks.
__________________ <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
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