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:( please help me , problem with the game

so heres the thing , ive trying everything to get the game to work ,
i was using XP and i couldnt install both the requiredment to play the game ,
so i couldnt get the game to work at all ,

then i heard someone telling me that i need windows 7
so i went and bought it yesterday , just to be on lbanet ..

but here it wont ether install the requredment , so i just tryed out to see if the game works , and it did! but it looks all buggy and messed up ,

i cant see my mouse curser , all the bars are messed ,cant really move them because i cant see my mouse ,and i can only see the chatbar in some worlds , but i cant see whos online anymore ,

is it the new patches that do that , or is it my computer ?? ..
please help me , i used to play every singel day on lbanet..but since i got my new computer it cant be playeble anymore

pls , i obviusly want to do anything to get this working properly ,

realient i had you on skype , but got a new skype its Gizmo_vanilla
i hope youll add me been such a long time
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