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Here something add in the article of the emperor of Zeelich:


Dr Funfrock tries another plan to destroy Twinsun, by impost Dark Monk. The Emperor was actually his right hand, and spreaded the propaganda that Dark Monk was reincarnated. Because the Priests of Zeelich believe that, they suspected Twinsen of stealing fragments while he actually stole them to avoid unaccepteble use of the Emperor and Funfrock. The Emperor wants actually to be (Just like Funfrock was master of Twinsun) the master of Zeelich. The Emperor had overwhelming armies in comparision with the dissidents and army of Queen Astrid. He send those armies as way to avoid his plan would fail.


He helped Dr. Funfrock to impost Dark Monk and to destroy Twinsun. In fact he is a righthand of FF.


He could picked up Funfrock when falling from the well and sended a clone to finish Twinsen.



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