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Johnny Rocket

The leader of the Zeelichian dissitends (people, who are agains the Emperor).

Twinsen: "I'm looking for a mr. Johnny Rocket."
Johnny Rocket: "Shhhh! Are you mad!..."
The old sup lady: "It's right there... in his armchair."

He's the leader of, what are called, the Dissidents of Zeelich, who are the people, who are agains the Emperor. They help Twinsen to get to Island CX, but before Twinsen gets to them, he must get the Dissident's ring from the Mr. Johnny Rocket.

He gives Twinsen the ring of the dissidents.

Otringal Upper-City
Rick the sup
The dissident's ring
The Emperor
Dark Monk
The Emerald Moon base
Island CX
The dissidents

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