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Originally Posted by Kobold View Post
It worked and it was great. Just the sound was all messed up. Some sound effects (like floor sounds or Twinsen getting hit) sometimes don't play. Could be a problem with my damaged headset, I'll try regular LBA 1 later and tell you if I have the problem there as well.
..well I got this problem sometimes too ingame, but I aswell have a bit damaged headset, Its not just LBA, I have rather frequently sounds not playing properly in my headset so Its kinda hard to tell wether its my map or my headset
It could also be a lba bug with rather frequent ambient sounds.. I used the same ambient setup as in white leaf desert (where the old rabibunny is) .. I wonder if the same happens there?

Originally Posted by Kobold View Post
Just one thing: Why do you restart from the beginning of the scene when you lose a life, without a "Game Over" screen appearing?
Thats kinda the normal behaviour: if you die, the game checks if you have clover leafs, if you have some, it takes you to the specified scene in the current scene. As I didnt have any 'jail' scenes, I just made it point to the first one. Once you run out of clover leafs, you get the "Game Over" as usual.
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