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Originally Posted by Kobold View Post
I don't think you have to change the text, it's only a joke after all. I just wanted to point that out - options in those boxes should usually be as short as possible.
well yeah, it cant be too serious if its a conversation with a cactus but yeah, I could possibly change it, but then, it wouldnt be translated to other languages ( unless I'd use a translator or something) and then there is ofcourse the voice samples too..

Originally Posted by Kobold View Post
The new version crashes right after the intro.
This sounds like you copied the new version over the old version replacing the old version of my mod with the new files.. Which will cause this crash, as this new version has different scene indexes, and does not have a layout library resource anymore.
So when you replace the old version with v2, one file from the old version stays there, and causes it to crash.

you can either install it on a normal lba directory (that has not the old version in it), or you could copy the original LBA_BLL.hqr in the modded lba directory. this should fix it

edit: and dont try opening old savegames from v1 or original game with v2, they'll most certainly crash.

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