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Originally Posted by RosaMarietheCow
whats this deathmatch, half life 2 thing?
Steam game.. Half-Life2 Deathmatch.
It uses the source engine.

Originally Posted by leoboe
actually that might be an error caused by your running-program
I think you should try to export it for HLM and load the map manually
Iirc I had the same erro when trying to run a map for CS 1.6 I made in Hammer.
I'll go export and see if that helps.
If not I'll go try modifying the map I've done earlier that did actually run.

Heres showing the maps I've done before;27355
note: the lighting in that map was meant to be like that, otherwise it felt way too small. That was first map and my test map to test out all the building tools (and weapon entities).

I did make a 2nd map, but it wasn't published due to bad design and I decided to scrap it. (Building inside confined space, with alot of clipping errors) - I've made a note of that and been checking for bugs in this new map.
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