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- ~ = UPDATE = ~ -

Well, in the first match we can see Styx standing on top of me, shouting "DO YOU KNOW ME NOW, BITCH???" while peeing on my face.
In the second match we can see that Battler is a true battler, holding Kasia to the ground with a lustful look.
It's not a gender thing though, because Zee is dominating Pandy with a whip.
Pimmin's basically annihilating Dippindots. He has no chance to survive and he should make his time.
StreGGy is showing Kobold and Polaris who's the man with the testicles at this house, swinging his sack at a great speed and knocking them out.
Jesse, as usual, keeps things tight. Will he have a surprise for Link, or is he the one holding all the cards?
A_LIPSTICK, the big winner of this year's first wrestlefest, is having a hard time winning all of a sudden. And in a match against SGK, no less. I'd just kill myself.
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