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What is this place?
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Last game I finished: Final Fantasy 2 (GBA version). It was a fun game, but you clearly see that this is the second one in a long series. Don't expect you'll need complicated strategies or any thought at all in defeating the bosses. The Soul of Rebirth dungeon was a nice addition, but really more of the same.

Currently playing:
Deus Ex 2. It is better than I expected, you get used to the console feeling after a while. The biomods are -even though far less than the previous game- a bit better fleshed out (I love controlling bots). I do think that the storyline is too grosely simplified. Still, it is fun to see that characters from the previous game still matter.
Golden Sun. A fun game, only boring never-ending dialogues. I like the magic system very much though.

About to play: Psychonauts. Damn publishers, first game I wanted to buy in a while (great demo!) but because of complications with the European pubisher, I had to download it

Game I gave up on at the moment: Homeworld 2. Some damn difficult missions.
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