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Well, it's just that I know people who tend to get heated in debates, almost to the point of ad hominems, but are absolutely neutral and solid when moderating. Conversely, I know of people who are apparently calm and neutral in debates, but become abusive when given power (specifically, one Administrator who was always a nice guy when talking to him, always calm and neutral, but when I gave him power, he proceded to take over my forum under the pretense of hosting it and demote me to a lesser Administrator, eventually even to a regular user and even Banned me twice for no real reason). So behavior in a debate doesn't really reflect the ability to moderate.

I mean, in my own IRC channel (#abandonet @, I often get heated during debates (especially during political debates), as does a friend of mine who's a just slightly under me in rank, but yet both of us only seldom even resort to using op powers - mostly only when rules actually get verifiably broken, which happens rarely. Otherwise, we can end up in strong disagreement, even to the point of telling "fuck you" to each other (and that always ends back to friendship 5 minutes later), but yet not use op powers at all.
And as for any concerns that I may abuse any powers given to me due to my past "ban X" campaigns - forget it. I have a big mouth, but I never take action unless I'm absolutely certain it's warranted AND I have other staff agreeing with me, even when I have the highest rank.

Edit: And just to make it clear, I don't even want to be a Super-Moderator or anything higher on this forum. I don't think I'm fit for THAT (I've never been staff in a large community before). At most I aspire to one day become a moderator of LBA Modifications General, especially as that's my favorite part of the MBN. But nothing higher than that.
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