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Originally Posted by aaron2 View Post
Hey Double j and Salvatoor if i am writing in three lines and not giving so called big comments that doesnt make me a sense at all!
And i dont have time like you to comment every hour on a same thread I guess you dont have any work to do?
And one more thing i know everything about LBA and i am playong this game more than you could have imagine! You just
Do you know what was the year LBA was first released? 1994 you salvatoor
Oh ok... maybe we were wrong, don't take what I said as an insult or whatever... It was just suspicious that you never answered when someone accused you of being a bot, and it was funny to figure how good a bot could be at passing himself off as human
I hope we can all still be friends without any paranoia of androids

Anyway, we strayed off the original topic, and every time I see that there's a new post in this thread I enter with all the hope of finally finding that post that announces the release of LBA and I get disappointed...

PS: I still think you are a bot but you don't know it yet

Click image for larger version

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