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Originally Posted by Lawrence View Post
Heh, I used to play Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory! Then the spiritual successor, Quake Wars:Enemy Territory came out and me and my friends switched to it. Too bad the company who made it dropped support for it almost immediately and that pretty much killed off the game's community.
Nowadays I just very sporadically play a little TF2 with a couple of friends, I'm not much of an FPS connoisseur though, most of them bore me.
I'm not 100% sure, but I remember that you and me played some matches together in the same server a couple of years ago? It's some memories I had buried in the most obscure parts of my brains, until I read this post! I think we used to chat on MSN too in order to go in the same server... or perhaps I'm getting confused with some other italian MBN member (not that there were many!)... Darn, I can't remember... Who the hell messed with my memories?!
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