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I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

Since I had fun making this song, I decided to do the same thing for other games, the songs are in the same channel, feel free to check them out! (I'll not post them here because it's not the right place.)

Originally Posted by SpaceGuitarist View Post
Here, why don't you try also doing it for LBA 2's theme? The midi is attached. Good luck.
I would love to do it, in fact I'll try. The problem is that it seems like this MIDI has 3 tracks, with one of them empty and the other 2 having multiple instruments together, while somethings are simply missing. It's not impossible (In the first one I did take out a few things, made the drums and changed a few parts of the midi), but will be a lot of work just to get things started!

Let me know if there are other MIDI versions of the song, thank you!
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