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I can't believe Darkflame is gone. That I'll never talk with him again. No more discussions about tv shows, games, the future, technology and ethics. Can't believe he just died like that.
That he'll never see the future he was so enthusiastic about. No one is more deserving than him to see it. Now when it comes it will be sad without him to share it with.

Darkf was so full of life and he wanted to live. It's not fair that this happened to him. It's so fucked up and twisted. I hate this so much.

At least Tom and Bertine are lucky enough to have had each other. It was not difficult to notice they had an amazing partnership that very few manage to achieve in a lifetime. Even if that should have rightfully lasted much much longer than that.

Bertine/Atresica - I hope you can find some consolation here when you need it. I know I speak for not only myself when I say we'll do everything to give you the support you need. The MBN is a significant part of many of our lives and some of us basically grew up here together. To me it feels like we're kind of a family. In my heart you never stopped being a part of this community. I'm so sorry that you're going through this hell right now.
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