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What is this place?
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Once more, thank you so much for your kind messages!

So uh, it turns out Darkflame left a whole trove of things and instructions behind. Will take me a while to read (like, it's really a lot of stuff o_O).

One of the things he asked me to do was post this:

Dear digital webbynet friends,

It seems I find myself dead. I am sorry for the inconvenience this cause’s, but how do you think I feel? Suddenly my existence is cut down to some pre-written messages being sent out.
Mortality sucks and its highly irritating the human race didn't deal with the problem sooner. Oh well, I hope some of you are more lucky.
I enjoyed my time here, this place helped make my existence worthwhile and I hope it continues to go strong without me. (obviously I was the corner stone of this whole community...)
I have left instructions for some of my IP/hard drives to go public, if there’s anything relevant my assistant will link below;

(you can also request things if I forgot anything that you know I have and you would find usefull)
Please be excellent to eachother without me!
Other then that I wish you all a very good and fulfilling life.

-Thomas aka Darkflame

ps, This isnt a joke, I really am dead

Fck, I love having had him as my companion.
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