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I'm literally shocked that nobody else has responded to this yet. I saw this the other day, but did not have the time to actually post... Sorry. Now, I've found some.

I think that's great that you got the chance to talk to him several times! Even if it were virtual, you at least got to hear how the guy sounds. Did you ever get to see him on your monitor? It's really not that important, but what did he sound like? Do you think you could pick an actor or someone else famous that he sounds similar to? Maybe that would give us a good idea of what he sounded like. Do you have any recordings or footage during the time you guys hung out? I apologize... Maybe I'm getting too personal now, but with the way Atresica sounded on the other thread, it sounded like she didn't mind the community and was grateful for all of the received support.

I looked at his programming projects and I'm very surprised at how much he has. Maybe I should dig through it, and learn about some of this stuff for myself. I've currently been learning Maxscript and have been using it for my model export to C code for the N64. I can now get geometry over very easily in seconds instead of minutes. I still plan on doing an LBA-like homebrew for the system. Darkflame seemed to be really interested in homebrews also. He told me that he had a NDS kit for awhile. It's too bad that he can't do this stuff anymore.

You will see him again, don't deny it. I've been practicing my faith, and I'm sure we can all see Thomas in the next life. Of course, I shouldn't be speaking for others. If you want to see him again, you will believe.

I'm sure I've got plenty more to ask, but this'll do for now.

Thank you for this thread, Lightwing - it's bound to make some members here happy. I noticed your replies in the other thread. I should look up to you. We need someone who is just like Thomas.

P.S: I have a heavy hobby for CGI, and I love to animate. I also enjoy sketching, drawing, and programming (in case you couldn't tell).
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