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I’ve been meaning to post something in this thread ever since you launched it Lightwing, but it’s hard to find the time to sit down and do it properly.

I was not too close to Darkflame (we only had private chats a couple of times), but I always regarded him very highly.

Back when I first joined the MBN, in 2001, I was 14 years old and my English was pretty limited. I didn’t understand much of what was going on here, especially the discussions from the gang of older members that had been here for a while. I’m not even talking about the time I was lurking before joining. But Darkflame stood out from the others in that he would make me feel included. Not in the way he behaved towards me in particular, but just by his general attitude, just him being the nicest person around.

Then I discovered the Relentless Movie Project. Back then I was just barely aware that you could make movies with computers, let alone make fan movies! I was impressed by what he had done with this project and I think it had a big impact on my thought process. It inspired me to start doing things, make my own projects and contribute to other’s. It made me think that anything was possible.

And this inspiration as well as the many tips, suggestions and help he gave me on my early projects led to one of the main goal that is guiding my life even today, namely to one day be able to make my own LBA/Zelda/BG&E type of game. It’s guiding many of my choices, and I probably wouldn’t have become a software engineer without his mentorship.

I’m sad he’s gone. He will be missed.
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