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Wow... Xesf and Lupin... You guys are amazing! I'm not sure how to even express how much I love this. I really appreciate how much work and effort you guys put into this. I'm surprised just how well it looks for being higher resolution - you can still see the "dithering" and shading details on the terrain and character models just like you can in the original LBA2! Incredible!

I feel bad that there wasn't anyway in which I could help in the past. May I ask how much you guys know about the model format for LBA2? I know this is a question I've asked several times in the past, but it looks like we might be getting close to custom models - judging by how much progress you guys have of course. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Lupin originally Link? Didn't he make the program for converting *.lm2 to *.3ds?

Keep this project going - this is the most excited I've been in the past few years... Maybe even since LBANet has vanished.

I'm very familiar with C programming more than ever before, and if there is anything I can do to help, I would love to take part in this. But, if you guys don't - I completely understand. I'll admit, I've been somewhat of a jerk in the past - very childlike of me. Perhaps I ought to "shut up" for awhile and just let the fun go on without me.
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