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Now with pickup sounds!

Here's an album with some progress shots:

There's a fully functioning inventory system (no UI right now).
Consumable items are added into the inventory (like hearts, keys, money, magic)
There's a key in a jar by the cellar door, and hearts in a flower pot.
Keys don't disappear after a time, but hearts are on a 10 second timer - both will bounce around when you're full (health is set to 45/50, keys at 0/99).

Pressing F1 and F2 blends between the two modes while walking.
While standing, a transition animation will be played.

Press E to interact.
Twinsen will do a little kick animation when interacting with something that spawns consumables.
If you have more than 1 key, you can open the cellar door (nothing behind it yet tho).

If anyone's wondering, there's nothing from the original game in there, every texture has been drawn by hand from scratch in 4K, along with all the needed PBR maps.
The wallpaper was drawn by hand by (painstakingly) tracing the LBA2 intro from many angles to get the pattern, but also to get it to match with how it flows in the original game.
All the armchair, chair and bed cushions where done with a cloth simulation.

Twinsen has an IK system for stairs, leans in when walking on inclines, and has a system for bouncy hair (which sometimes glitches out).

Also featuring:
Volumetric fog,
Particle systems
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