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I sat down with some friends to watch the E3 press conferences, and we discussed witch games would really be an awesome surprise if they where announced, and mine was LBA3, witch of course didn't happen

But when I see this, it somehow gets me more excited than any of the E3 games, even BGE2, as always, your work is awesome Jasiek, your attention to detail is really showing, the work you put down in things like the wall textures from the intro, lightning, light flare from window, choice of music, transitions between animations, small physics(pile of keys, ponytail), loading bar, plank in water etc.

I really love this and hope theres time in your days to continue the work, cause its pure awesomeness <3

I didn't know Unity ran on Linux, didn't they just make a Linux version back in 2016 and then discontinued it?
Anyways, Unity is very good for making games, and this genre is probably well fit for the engine

Please continue!

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