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Originally Posted by Bot13 View Post
This looks really really phenomenal.
You wouldn't happen to be looking for anyone to join in and create some assets?
Right now I want to maintain the most control, and I'm doing it in small steps so it doesn't get out of control.

I am missing some items for the house, like the radio, a barrel, Dino fly poster, darts, holomap, magicball.
However I've got pretty specific requirements for assets:
Whenever there is a flat surface, use surface weighted normals for the low poly and only then bake out normal maps.
PBR with albedo, ao, normal, metallicness texture with metallic in the R channel and gloss in the alpha.
2k or 4k maps.
Surface detail in additional, tileable maps (albedo and normal) if applicable.
All models in .blend format for ease of edit - so I don't have to reimport them when I want to edit them(unity uses the Blender fbx exporter and converts them on import, but they remain easily editable on double click from the project assets panel)
Models for exterior locations will contain LOD objects in the same file, with a suffix of LOD_0,LOD_1 etc.

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