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cool update

Also, a very heart-warming update :

Hello Twinsuners! Last week, we were in Lyon to meet the original team of Little Big Adventure 1 & 2, but also Alone in the Dark and Time Commando!

On this picture, you can recognize (left to right) Frédérick Raynal (the famous director of the games), Yaël Barroz (graphic designer, artistic director) and Didier Chanfray (graphic designer, artistic director, game designer, current LBA rightsholder) - the original founders of Adeline Software and creators of Little Big Adventure!

Didier has a little word for you:

« I am very grateful to everyone and for all the support to this project! Last week I was with Yaël and Fred, and we still are very surprised to see that Little Big Adventure is still alive into people's hearts. This is very motivating and thanks to you, the Symphonic Suite will have excellent conditions for its creation. Thank you again and see you soon! »
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