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Its cool to see these titles on Steam, although there does need some tweaking with these games as they do have a few issues from the start.

LBA1 Enhanced Edition: is pretty much the mobile version I got an Android and its okay, but control scheme bugged me on the PC as it doesn't feel right using the mouse for what would of been a touchscreen action.

LBA 2 Twinsens Odyssey: feels like the original game and might play very much like it on laptops or old computers, but its going to require some tweaks to the resolution to make playing it bearable as it tries to stretch across my screen with a terrible aspect ratio.

Despite those problems its good to see it on Steam, I mean Vampires:The Masquerade doesn't even run on Steam unless you manually add the unofficial patches and then once done you get to play the game and have steam community attached; potentially allowing chat, video streaming, etc.
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