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LBA 3 sounds very real in a new interview of Frédérick Raynal

A new interview in French has just been posted on Le Monde.
Here's a translation of the parts which we care about:

(Talking with Michel Ancel about seamless worlds)

"Frédérick: In the first two games, travelling between worlds was faked (a cutscene was triggered), but now, in the third one, we want to have a complete planet, with the mountain range, the islands, etc.

Michel: That's cool. This means that you are going to make it, this third episode!

Frédérick: I've been talking about it for 20 years, and I still want to make it as much as before.

Michel: At some point, one must stop talking...

Frédérick: Right now, I'm resting a little - after 2Dark, I need a little vacation. I'm building an electronic game in the meantime."


Michel: ... for example stories about pregnant women... that was fantastic!

Frédérick: Exactly! Talking about that, in episode 3, their baby is born - he's named Arthur, and it will be him the real hero! And he's a "kidz", his parents are tacky people who do old magic..."

20 years later... it may be happening...

Here's the URL for French speakers:
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