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Originally posted by V2
nope, you're wrong. modern greek is based very much on ancient greek. many many words are the same or almost the same.
Well OK, but the similarity isn't as marked as the similarity between, say, Italian and Latin. (i.e. if you read Latin you can normally read an Italian newspaper).

when the capital of roman empire was moved to Byzantium, latin began to fade and eventually Greek became the language they spoke. it was all destroyed when Turkey conquired Byzantium
Byzantium was the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire after it split in two. The 'true' Roman Empire never lost Latin (although it changed a lot, as languages do).

The Romans, and other later cultures, have based lots of things on the ancient Greeks, but Latin itself didn't take too much from it. Some Latin words, like 'chaos,' come from ancient Greek. The European languages today have a lot of ancient Greek words (i.e. 'technology' comes from the ancient Greek word for 'new'), but these aren't derived from Latin.
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