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Originally Posted by Polaris View Post

I don't know the rules to Yaru yet, in Chifoumi, the pawns can move in any direction but only one sapce. You can also stack pawns on top of eachother, and only need to capture the top one to take the whole pile.

Chifoumi is a fun game to pass the time, but I never found much depth to it. Still very fun
I should give it a try then Yaru is different but very simple to learn. That page needs a refreshment (most notably picture of initial board setting) but you can see the rules on You can also view the rules from within the applicaion of course, or just start playing and see the visual aids on the screen.

Originally Posted by MrQuetch View Post
Very cool that you made (working on making) your own game (for Android). I've been using GML, and although there is an SDK for Android, it costs too much money. I can use Unity for free and put my games on my Android phone though.

Hmmm... Besides rock, paper, and scissors, what does the word, 'Yaru' actually stand for?
Sounds like some old tribal ritual.

It's too bad you didn't put multicolored horses on the game board though...
I'm not much of a programmer, the credit for programming for android goes to my uncle Udi who's a programmer rockstar. He programmed computers from when cpu's were the size of a room and the output was tickets with holes in them.
Strange you say the SDK costs money though. Android Studio, Android SDK and Android NDK are completely free.
[edit]Oh, you were talking about Game Maker! Game maker is actually the programs I used many years ago to make a game that later evolved to become Yaru. It's a cool program and I like the style of the guy who developed it.[/edit]

As for the word Yaru, well, it's a wordplay in Hebrew. It doesn't make any sense if you weren't born and raised in Israel.

Oh, the horses are there. The horses are always there. Just out of sight... studying you.

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