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Here is a listing of the objects and some others tasks left for the RMP members. I'll try to update it as much as possible.
Dont forget to submit your tasks in the tasks assessement section of Bu's temple, and check in the newfiles section and in that tasks assessement section if you dont take already done tasks. If you're not sure, just ask me.

Miscellaneous works :

-we need lots of greyscale hand drawings for the pictures on the walls of the cafes and bars, sorts of concept sketches of insects and twinsunians (look on the map screenshots)

Objects models

!!! Lots of different plants and flowers in pots, and also particularly dead trees and cactuses for the WL desert !!!
!!! Some furnitures for the twinsunians adn the factories, LBAish style but not necessarily taken from the game !!!

-Twinsen's high quality sword, that matches the game's box picture, with the inscriptions and the materials (must be made under 3dsmax).
-the big mettallic seal of Sendell, with the inscriptions in real polygons (displacement mapping....).
-the television of the PI house, and the keys panels of the key maker
-decorative barriers of the PI library.
-the play with the swing, the ladder and the rope in the PI kindergerten..
-amount of filths/garbe content for where Twinsen lands after escaping with the garbage truck from the citadel.
-rabbibunny idols and rune panels of the temple of Bu. Also, the statue of Twinsen that is used to open the doors.
-objects of the Twinsun cafe in Tipett : drums, space guitar
-the health/mana givers of the shops.

That's mainly what I see for the fact, there are still lots of objects to model, but they are so much merged with the scenes, that it's easier if the ground modeler makes them on his way. Skilled objects modelers would have better starting modelling scenes (like the library inside, the sewers....)

Scenes left

Most of scenes are free, but lots of objects in them could have been modelled, check Bu's temple or ask me.
Ideas of scenes left that'll be 100% sure in the movie :
-PI library - Book area
-Town center of the PI


The most skilled modelers (skilled in metaballs, nurbs or box modelling) have to concentrate on the characters. Most of them are free : clones (not the rabbiclones, I take them, and some groboclones are already made), spheroids, female rabbibunnies, workers, flying groboclones of the fortress sewers, blue horse of the WL please concentrate when possible on those hard models, and ask me before beginning one please, to avoid crossed works or problems.

WARNING : Twinsen, Funfrock, Zoe, and possibly Baldino and the Dino-fly will be made by Darkflame, so please avoid those models.

For all the objects, characters but overall grounds that'll be contained in the movie, we need lots of original HQ textures, that we cant find anywhere else (LBA has a too special style).
So we need photoshop/psp/MS paint geeks to create them. here are some ideas of what's really needed :

-the carpets, marble floor and marble brick walls of the museum of Proxima.
-the wooden floor and cellar floor of Twinsen's house

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