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The sphero design that I was the most happy with is this updated Bob Vortix and Tippet Sphero one:

The darker shading shows the suggested shape of the sphero underneath.

The hands were in this case larger versions of human hands. The arm is in a sort of ball and socket joint, and the hand acts as a weight, causing the arm to swing like a pendulum.

The feet question brings up an interesting point. The feet I have done here are too small. The feet don't look like they could support the whole body's weight and could perhaps be more like the bottom of a wine glass, extending both at the front and the back. Another way to do it would be to move the legs themselves further back and just have the feet extending in the front.

Because I had made the bodies more or less the same in the drawing as each other, I put more variation in the face. The features are all in the same places but they are more like human faces, with different sizes and shapes to the noses, eyes and mouths. I did do a little bit of a chin because I thought that otherwise the area of the head below the nose would be following the sphere shape, and might look too odd.

I'll do a drawing of a naked sphero but, before I get started, any suggestions? The direction I'm going in is to give them those rigid robotic proportions but make them look more like flesh and blood.
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