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Thats why I gave the texture map as an extra referance for layout.

The swirling effect can be made with textures relatively easy. You need to have an opacity map (alpha png for different grades of opacity) with a swirling cloud painted on it. Then copy the mesh of the globe, and delete about 80% of it from the bottom so you'll only have yourself a small rounded shell that matches the twinsun mesh.
Scale it up, and place it up just a bit. So you'll have yourself the height of clouds. Set the centre of this mesh to the centre of the globe, so you can rotate the cloud accross the globe. Add the opacity map now.
Not bad, ...but i wanted the swirls themselfs animated rather then just spin.
As in,actualy curles of smoke.

I'm thinking it will have to be particals on paths of some sort.
Maybe even texture planes that bend over a path.
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