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Twinsun - HD Sequence

Hey everyone!

I'm one of those guys who visit this page every few month, an I wanted to ask if this project is still alive, and if there are Sequences (like Orbit.avi "An animation of Twinsun and its two suns..." available in HD (1080p).
The Reason is I'm about to start in Film Business after finishing my study this year, and one thing I'd like to do is a trailer for a fictitious LBA 1 Movie, not a CGI Movie but with real people.

At the moment this is just a thougth and nothing to take for granted, however I wanted to ask if there is availability of CGI Material of Twinsun.

If you're interested in the things I do, here's a link to one of my videos:
most of my other movies are in german as I am from Austria

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