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Seeing how the IRC channel is so dead these days we feel that Discord is an excellent and modern alternative. Come join the fun and help us in making it a great spot for LBA fans to gather

Currently we have the following channels available, along with a general voice chat channel:
  • General
  • News (A bot will post any news made available on MBN automatically)
  • Off Topic
  • Speedrun General
  • LBA 1 Speedrun
  • LBA 2 Speedrun
  • LBA 1 Enhanced Speedrun

There are standalone clients for reaching Discord available on Windows, Linux & Mac along with apps for both Android and iOS. Discord can also be reached via basically any modern browser.

If you have no account on Discord already you can easily join us by following the link above and accepting the invite with a username of choice, you can then join us without having to creat an account with Discord. It is however recommended that you create an account and/or claim the username you chose when accepting the invite, this is so that you can easily stay connected with our Discord and so that you can visit with ease from any device.

We welcome any suggestions for improvements. See you there!

LBA Speedruns
Personal Best - LBA 1 - Any% PC - Time: 01h 04m 23s
Personal Best - LBA 1 - Any% Android - Time: 01h 04m 35s

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