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Actually, to me it seems like the School of Magic is the de facto executive council of Twinsun, with its Dean being basically the planet's leader. Notice how whenever something bad happens, the Wizards, the School, or the Dean are asked to intervene.
When the Wizards are taken to Zeelich, the School of Magic basically charges Twinsun with investigating;
When the children are taken to Zeelich and the Esmers have invaded Twinsun, it's again the School of Magic that handles the situation.
It seems to me like the School of Magic is the executive council, and each island's governor so to say is a Wizard - Ker'a'ooc (healing wizard) for Desert Island, Bersimon (weather wizard) for Citadel Island, etc.
And obviously, Twinsen as The Heir is the leader of the whole planet so to say, there's even somewhat a cult of personality around him.

A further clue to this is in LBA 1 where, if I recall correctly, FunFrock banned magic as well as the religion of Sendell (which is also prominent in LBA 2). This hints to me that magic, and those practicing it, were in a position of power before FunFrock took over.
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